Success means many things. It’s a culmination of the many activities and a number of elements that act and interact to finally make who you are and what you become. They are in fact the result of the number of C’s that we must allow into our life and assimilate them in a manner that it becomes second nature. It’s these very C’s that build our character and personality and open doors and pathways that finally help us to achieve our goals and reach great heights.

These are oft repeated words said day in and out by our parents, teachers, guides and advisers and business persons. We find them at every turn in our journey in the quest of attainment of knowledge and in the training received. To the young they are a burden and form a barrier to their fun filled lives……a hindrance to the satisfaction of their immediate desires and make life boring and toilsome.

The young are bold adventurous, full of energy, want to take risks and experiment with everything sometimes even at the risk of their health and life. They do not want responsibility and accountability and prefer to deal with life as it comes. They don’t care for the possible dangers and would like to carry on as if the there are no pitfalls in life.

The problem here is that what is not liked is the very thing necessary because these are the very things that can and should be assimilated when one is young for it is at this very time that there is the required energy and enthusiasm to inculcate these in the daily life. Later down the line it becomes too late as habits and routines and the way of thinking gets set and the mindset gets congealed and one becomes inflexible.

the cs

First and foremost it’s necessary to develop clarity both in thought and action, without which one will be unable to proceed further. Clarity will help in proper planning which in turn will aid execution. However to get clarity one needs to gather sufficient data and analyze it using proper tools. This requires that due thought be given to the matter in hand. This is achieved through contemplation. One has to sit quietly and look at the matter from every angle and dimension and create possible scenarios and think on them further individually and holistically to create a connective link of cause and effect. This will progress into clarity of thought which will then translate into clarity in action as well. Once this is done the relevant planning can then be done with finesse and a reasonable degree of surety of the outcome. Then now once one has made a commitment to undertake this job and to finish it.  Once this is done the implementation process can then commence. This will now require a proper attitude that will entail the use of your skills in cooperation and co-ordination. Both of these will require good communication skills that will facilitate the smoothness in the process of implementation and the attainment of success in shortest possible time. Of course there has to be continuity and consistency in the actions during the implementation. This will necessitate that one will have to put a clamp on unnecessary activities and wasteful thought processes and actions.  The natural result of all this and which is the most desired result will be cost saving.


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