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Spiritual journeys are not only internal. Sometimes it necessitates short or even long-distance travel to attain the goal of learning and understanding. The spiritual texts like the Vedanta or the Upanishads are mostly written in Sanskrit with commentaries by notable scholars in different languages enabling one to understand to some extent what it is really trying to say.

Nevertheless, the understanding is never really complete unless one has a Guru from time to time to enhance the depth of the understanding that is essential to further one’s thought building process, and enable contemplation.

I had developed an urge to understand the dreamer. waker and deep sleep state and the state beyond viz. Turya and it was suggested by an esteemed member of our regular Sunday study group (where we study the Vashishta Gyan) that One Acharya who visited Kamshet to teach her would be willing to take a class for a period of 7 days. Kamshet is not far from Pune and locals travel there daily. Incidentally it is famous for its ‘Indrayani’ Rice which is smooth and rich in quality and tasty.

I was thrilled at her kindness and decided to join with another member of the class who had a doctorate in Philosophy and travel daily by the local.