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IT IS NOT THAT LIFE IS ONE LONG ENDLESS SAD JOURNEY………..                     IT IS OTHER PEOPLE THAT MAKE IT SO                                     AND MAKE LIVING…


With time being the constant constraint and tiredness a constant companion due to competition healthy and otherwise and the materialistic concerns that rule life now a days, there seems to be an avid reluctance to thinking, to going beyond the purview to do that little bit extra that makes one stand out or be different. Of course everyone wants to be different …in fact that is the name of the game for success and growth…. but in what way different and why, is another thing altogether.

Be it the workplace, home, social functions or even when one is alone the uppermost thought is… well, let’s just do what is wanted and not take that extra effort …after all it’s not paying is it? What’s the point? There is neither time for it, and the money and the inclination.

This attitude has come down in everyday life and leading to tremendous degradation in relationships as well as the way we look at others, which is mostly in disdain and disgust and lack of complete sensitivity to the others plight. This has increased the distance among the humans and the relationships are becoming more strained, matter of fact and with an attitude of ‘just get the job done.


Let’s step back and take a look at the thousands of years that have gone by…yes I am talking of all the species that lived on this earth including man ….it will include both flora and fauna.  From the single cell to humans, each species has a story to tell. And of those that survived the various shocks and trials and tribulations of this planet and the cosmic events have a story to tell of their evolution and development as a species

Man has gone through a lot over the ages, travelled the path towards civilization from a primitive stage and did much to enhance both his surroundings and gained knowledge and built on it and is proud to proclaim the many achievements…never mind that they are still just like a drop in the ocean and has added very little value to the quality of life in real terms barring a few exceptions.

The  other species have thrived and survived and are true to their nature and perform as they were programmed to do but did evolve in ways that we are still to understand…although man has the avid need to profess that he does so even when he doesn’t.

While there is a difference among the species in the way that we are equipped  as far as skills  and the type of brain  , man was given the added benefit of a thinking brain that would help it to change  and create and evolve in ways that would be different from other species…thus we see the tremendous changes that have taken place in terms of living patterns and the creation of societies and the various goods and services and creating a business, social, political, religious , economic and psychological environment to cater to his every need and make life more comfortable and easy to live.

Then why is it that he/she still cannot overcome the need to behave like an animal?……..Is it really difficult to change ones attitude for the better…clearly when one does so there are the benefits easily visible and common sense should prevail…..