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Category: Commerce


Since the market came into existence through the barter system when goods were exchanged for goods right up to the present age, where money is used as the medium of exchange, the market has undergone a sea change. Right from the simple village weekly markets there is now a whole structure in existence and it is a well-connected network, where buying and selling  of different commodities and products take place . Not only that , there are different kinds of markets like the commodities market and the gold market and the share market and then there is the wholesale market and the retail market and further the real estate market and money market and the capital  market and so on and so forth.
Well mostly people know about this and this is not what I am talking about here, this is not an economic essay on different types of markets’ etc. Its more about people and their manipulation and how commerce has taken a different turn altogether.


History books are full of stories of slavery and these were really horrendous times for the slaves. They didn’t ask for it, it was the product of the times and was present in different parts of the world at different times. The African people who migrated to different lands in search of a better life or to get out of their miserable conditions saw life take a turn for the worse and had but little choice in the beginning, until finally they united under strong leadership and pulled themselves out of their situation and demanded and got their rights. At least legally things were on an even footing.

Things were the same in countries like India but had a different flavor to it…more religious and about the caste system, but the process was generally the same and the destitute had to fight for their rights and demand reservations.

The women were no exception and faced a different kind of situation. Whether in the developed or in the developing world they were considered as second grade citizens and had to fight for their rights and equality and finally things came around full circle with the women’s liberation organisations, with even a few men joining in in the fight.

Throughout the many decades it has been a continuous war with many battles, with one side fighting to dominate and the other to free itself.

While many laws have been passed and an effort has been made on both the social and the political front to bring in as much equality as possible, yet man will be man…. the attitude and the behavior at the grass root level on both fronts hasn’t really changed, it’s just that the attempts are now more veiled lest someone make a ruckus. If the various news reports are to be believed then the evil still continues unabated, albeit in different forms.

So, what’s different in the modern times …. has awareness really changed things? Well in my opinion not really! In fact, in this age of digitization and a constant bombardment of information, the very awareness is being used against people to enslave them in one form or the other.

The age of electronics has made sure of that. I call it the age of commercial enslavement…and politically a kind of backdoor communism under the garb of democracy under the excuse of protecting people.