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Month: August 2019

Does Happiness or its opposite really exist?

People always ask me if I am happy  and I answer,  ‘Why not?’ Frankly I always thought it a strange question . I can almost see the frown and disbelief in your face. I always ask people why should such a question at all arise. We live in a relative world where the opposites reign supreme, and  where one exists to  prove the other. So I can say, I understand happy because it is the opposite of sadness and vice versa.  But the question I have to ask is whether either of them are the truth…so they exist in all time and in all situations. To my mind neither  of them exist, they are all a creation of our mind . We are aware that the mind operates on our desires , nay it is the monkey that creates these desires and happily sits back and watches the chaos it creates and the chain reaction of events it sets into motion.