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Humans may very well be on the top of the food chain but that doesn’t mean that they can fend for themselves in every way. In fact, the environment that was given to us is the very foundation of our existence. We need all of that which in the chain below to maintain our very existence and any thought otherwise only begs of ignorance or an arrogance that is self-destructive.  We live in a system and though history shows that we have been fighting this system and sometimes try to better it has always ended in loss and destruction. Yet humans have failed to learn from their mistakes. Call it egoism or superiority complex, we revel in destabilizing and destroying and on top of that feel a sense of triumph and achievement and in this dream world we continue to exist, telling ourselves lies. Not only do we believe these lies, we also make it a point to advertise them to all and sundry. These lies are then held up as real by the followers and so everyone thinks that they have had a big win.

The cosmos is a big system, and there are systems within systems and all connected by a network that cannot be broken at will. If one does so, there is a heavy price to pay. So far, we have got away with it. But this cannot go on forever, and the signs are all there. Turning a deliberate blind eye and going about one’s business individually like as if nothing is more important than ones own family or making money or collecting things , or just having fun or achieving your goals or winning or hurting or grabbing…the list goes on endlessly in this selfish quest of improving so called standards which is nothing but our old monster ‘materialism.’

We have been taking things for granted. This planet cannot go on endlessly and we are doing our best to hasten its destruction. Living in a make-believe world, where development only harms and upsets this system, the ripples are felt far beyond and now the warnings are coming faster than ever from a small group of concerned people who have dedicate their lives to study research. The geologist is warning or the earth splitting, the oceans are set to rise in the face of global warming and pollution levels are rising, there is acid rain and then there are cosmic changes taking place in the solar system. The climate across the world is changing and the weather has become erratic. While there is an increase in volcanic activity, earthquakes and hurricanes and the natural calamities are getting stronger in degree than before………… drastic changes in life style and consumption will have to take place.

Strangely this has become more a subject of debate and there are long discussions being held, papers are being published in journals and newsrooms ae talking and talking…lots of programs aired on TV, social media is full  of pictures and sad smileys and a lot of concern shown and even likes on high sounding words…..OK…so a lot of awareness and shock expressed and “ something should be done’ said loudly and clearly in a variety of ways….the different administrations of the various countries depending on their understanding and the vested interests of the powers that be that rule the country take some temporary measures ,get political mileage creates a good distraction and may be some excitement where everyone gears up do something and soon it all peters out enthusiasm and all as one is lost in the daily fight with life and  soon forgotten by the general public who are bogged down by their own petty  little squabbles and egotistical concerns. There is no time for the bigger picture, we are too tired or we are kept tired in our daily routine…its time to get out of this mind set. Each one of us is responsible, each one will have to contribute , each one will have to make a small sacrifice, take out the time and give not just thought but also actually do something about it big or small…it doesn’t matter …the consistency and commitment will have to be made , a global culture will have to be created towards this end ….administrations will not do it, institutions will not do it, politicians will not care . The only way to do this is every family takes up this concern seriously, and then a collective consciousness will help us to live properly within this system.

The system already in existence is one that nurtures and helps us to evolve. The system That man is trying to make is creating an imbalance so huge that not only are we degrading in terms of quality, we are hastening towards our very demise as a species.

We depend on our environment…we need nature and all its elements to survive…these elements can live without us…the flora and fauna don’t need us they do not depend on us, they are programmed in self sufficiency and each play their part perfectly to complement the other so they evolve and flourish. The only misfit is the human who does not complement, but insists on replacing everything with the artificial and manmade, which does nor rejuvenate and does not support or if it does it is at best a temporary solution to a recurring problem. Really speaking if we had lived within the bounds of the natural system, we wouldn’t have seen the problems that are now facing us. But man had to insist on showing his so-called superiority, and in doing so broke every rule. Now that the system has been successfully destabilized, we are denying it categorically or finding reasons that shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

The casualness with which these warnings are taken and the way they are laughed at and rebuffed by some will take us to a place of no return. Have we crossed that line? I am not sure. But every individual is now responsible for whatever happens. WE can still make an attempt…collectively, change can be brought when each person in their individual capacity takes the small steps to actual action. Its late but hopefully not too late.

Its time to get back to Basics, to live a simpler life, to live in a way that will enrich our environs so that quality not quantity improves. Its time to live responsibly and its time to take responsibility by actually doing and not just talking or denying it. Let’s not destroy our home!

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