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Since the market came into existence through the barter system when goods were exchanged for goods right up to the present age, where money is used as the medium of exchange, the market has undergone a sea change. Right from the simple village weekly markets there is now a whole structure in existence and it is a well-connected network, where buying and selling  of different commodities and products take place . Not only that , there are different kinds of markets like the commodities market and the gold market and the share market and then there is the wholesale market and the retail market and further the real estate market and money market and the capital  market and so on and so forth.
Well mostly people know about this and this is not what I am talking about here, this is not an economic essay on different types of markets’ etc. Its more about people and their manipulation and how commerce has taken a different turn altogether.
No doubt today the consumer is better informed than before. The electronic revolution has given him access to a large amount of information and the choices are wide with a huge amount of detail…so much so that the consumer gets confused and finally more often than not, ends up making the wrong choice. The reason for this is that with too much to check up on and no time to spare in todays digital age where, especially the young, spend more time on social media, and idle chatting the choice is made on asking friends and going for the look and the advertisements that vie with one another on the various facilities and the upgrades provided. Its all about fashion and status and what looks good. Mostly most of the modern gadgetry while they do serve their purpose, the common consumer studies them very little, for obvious reasons; and even if the technical details are provided, well, the common consumer knows very little about it. At the basic level, if the product has worked well for some time for somebody without too many problems, that would be the reason for buying it.
Talking about longevity of the products especially the electronic and some electrical or for that matter even the steel items, the general user is resigned to the fact that they work well for a few years and anything more than five years is considered old and out dated as neither the parts are available and nor is there anyone who can repair it. The fast pace at which upgradations are taking place the product becomes redundant very fast and at best you can just throw it away…there is no such thing as a resale except perhaps in the real estate market. This means easy and fast replacement of the product by restricting its lifespan is the name of the game.
It seems that the quality has taken a downward plunge in today’s world, the clothes deteriorate and loose color, the price tags compared to quality are exorbitant. The packets are bigger in the food products where more air than the product is found, the packaging is more alluring with bright colors and beautiful pictures…but the product itself leaves much to be desired. The potatoes have lost their rounded shape are very crooked and have lost all their taste, sometimes they just don’t get cooked! The French beans have turned around when they were once flat, and the brinjals are in many colors, the cauliflower is huge and the flowers are tightly packed, the cabbage always has worms, the tomatoes don’t ripen quickly. The fruits don’t do so well either. The food has deteriorated in quality, in its mineral and vitamin content, some veggetables are bitter and seem to have lost their original taste of natural sweetness. All methods of ripening the fruit and their availability in any season don’t make them healthy for consumption. Hybrid seeds, a favorite of the farmers for increased production has changed the natural chemical and mineral balance of the pulses and the grains and now the increased glutamate is increasing chances of diseases like diabetes.
 The construction business doesn’t show increased quality in housing, its all about amenities, freeing the land of trees, building multi story monstrosities, with miniscule ornamental gardens fed with drainage water, misuse of prime quality food producing land which has gone under housing, fertile land has become non-fertile and so the fertilizers are making things worse. All this has undermined the quality of life and has given rise to the ever-profiting health and exercise industry so to speak.
Thus, the decaying conditions have given rise to new industries, and promoting new faculties in the mind and body business. Not only that, now there is a business where talk is used to remind people of how they lived before and to go back to the old ways, its thriving, though its all about listening and not doing…just another, ‘for status’ ride I suppose…
Add to this the beauty business which is doing tremendously well…as there is no real health it has to be covered up with a lot of paint and whatever.
Shops are open all night, shopping is done late at night, . The entertainment business is no better, its available at all times places and in theatres and street corners and gadgets and computers. Where is the time to get a good night’s rest? The market is supplying all the dreams so where is the time to make your own!
The medical industry is all the better for it. Unknown diseases have taken root, and there is little that can be done about it. So, the labs are doing well too. So much spend on research to understand things that were brought about by our own mistakes which have led to outcomes that resulted in inventions that destroyed or created greater problems.
Seriously! Are we that blind that we think that the modern lifestyle of chemical lotions, beautified food, picturesque alluring advertisement and dreamlike projections of an unreal state are going to make things better.
Gadgets, fast life style, making day into night, charging around like there is no tomorrow, and giving in to the pleasure of an unhealthy life style is all that the present market conditions do to one.
Things are projected as required, made mandatory and we are made into needy zombies without the capacity to plan out a healthy life rich in quality. There is a lot of information floating around that manipulates the mind into thinking that they are making the decision on their own when in fact one is being pushed into a dismal abyss of self-destruction brought about by needless want and aimless materialistic life.
The modern market has kept everyone running around in circles and thus there is no time to stop or take a step backwards to see where our life is taking us…there is no time to change the course of our life…the credit card has taken care of that. Everyone is in debt one way or the other, we are under constant surveillance and reminded by the market constantly of our requirements, the sellers are making the decisions for us and telling us when and what to buy.
We have been manipulated to cater to our desires by titillation of the senses and the constant reminding through images and sounds that at once attract and drive us to take action by anchoring our emotions, despite our reduce financial capacities. This is a huge psychological warfare and the market is thriving and the consumer is left floundering in its current which is fast and furious.
I think humans have lost touch with reality and they are living on the dreams shelled out by the market that revolves on the concept of a better life that is gauged by the level of materialism, of the best and the most expensive goods and on possessions and a lifestyle that only spells deterioration of both mind and body but which is amazingly seen as an enhancement in the modern times.
Thus, regression is being perceived as progress, destruction as development, and increased materialism as growth……What life really means has truly changed as have our goals …perhaps this is how the seeds of self-destruction are sowed.

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