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I relaxed on seeing this smiling typical housewife and shaking away any misgivings I greeted her in my usual exuberant fashion, at the same time wondering what was next on the agenda. Obviously, this was an enquiry and I turned my attention to her and said, “Hello Ma’am, what brings you here today?”. She turned her attention from the flowers and acknowledged my presence and immediately launched into a series of questions. However  I could feel that something was different, but I continued answering her queries about music lessons for her child who was in middle school….but something was missing, I couldn’t quite place it… all seemed a little out of place. My sixth sense had alerted me to another vibe and my senses had sharpened to their presence. Still I continued answering her queries and satisfied her curiosity as best as I could.

Suddenly it struck me that she had not asked me any personal questions about my background ,or about the teachers teaching music…this sent me wondering on a different track and I now was waiting for a shift to happen…

After about ten minutes into the conversation, I decided to ask her some personal questions. Quickly brushing them aside she abruptly decided to leave and said, “I think I am sufficiently satisfied.” I refrained from making any comment and as she turned to leave I bade her goodbye. I waited as she walked in towards the wicket gate and as she opened it she whirled around and said, “Don’t forget to look at all the pictures and the lake is not all that frightening…you have nothing to fear….”

Before I could respond she was out of the door in a flash and in the most uncharacteristic way shut the gate, even as I hailed her to stop and explain. Taking little heed the lady had vanished and left me with a million question marks.

I returned to the books in haste and opened the first book that had got filled with pictures. The other two were still blank. There were pages and pages of pictures. I began going through them and found that the history of humans on earth had been depicted through these pictures and they were indeed very telling, in that they did not paint a glossy picture of mankind. They were a testimony to human acts in various spheres and at various times. They painted the character of humans in explicit detail, and it was the most alarming timeline till date. I gasped in surprise.  Yes! Someone, somewhere in some realm was watching and keeping a diary of events. For what purpose and for whose benefit? It meant that we were not alone and that there were eyes on us….were we an experiment and was the earth a real-time laboratory and were we the lab rats?

It was too much to take in all at once, a very large door had opened and I had no choice but to walk through it…. The answer lay with the girl in the picture and so I sat down to study the pictures…they had a message and I had no one to turn to for help…in fact it was fast becoming clear that this was for me to unravel alone and that there was a definite agenda …but were we as a species now safe?

While the history was traced and went back tens of thousands of years, way before even the earth had come into existence, there was something peculiar. As I turned the pages the pictures had traced large periods even larger than the aeons that we know on the earth, they were a bunch of aeons together repeating themselves in a cycle. The same story had been repeating itself with minor changes. The names were repeated, the religious heads seem to come and go in cycles, with small variations in the stories. The places and the background seem to be in constant flux as if in an effort to lend variety to the oft repeated story.

In the beginning everything seemed to evolve slowly and as more and more characters were being added there seemed to be complexity that seemingly took a life of its own and generated millions of stories that though sounded different to the ears were essentially the same. The grossness took on a new blend every eon and as old things disappeared new ones took the places, looks, faces, species changed and there was a constant shifting of the systems and there were mergers and divisions. Things contracted and then unified only to segregate themselves………there was this peculiar undercurrent of the old wine in new bottles of different colors. Yes, it was the history of our very own earth but way before we even started recording it. The part which we speculated about and surmised, the Big Bang Theory and all the wonderful theories that followed with a lot of logically analyzed proof and mathematical support. The World wars, the industrial revolution, the economic and the natural disasters , the changing geographical conditions, the struggle of man, the electronic and the agricultural revolutions and the political and social evolutions and the conflict of the nations and the need for freedom and the march of science and society and man and the tussle of all the species to survive harmoniously and the tremendous failures with horrendous consequences , the march of religion from theism to atheism and then back….yes it was all there….. the painful unimpressive journey of mankind hurtling to its destruction…. only to start the process again going around in concentric circles.

It was a journey that humans had been taking repetitively……it made no sense, and yet in every aeonic group, with all its trials and tribulation we as humans felt triumphant and proud of our achievements….

I laughed out loud and, at the same time, was left feeling let down. The pathetic plight of humans and their dream world illusions left me floundering trying to anchor myself. I had read in the scriptures where the sages had continuously professed that the world was an illusion and that it was created by thoughts. The practice of various spiritual tools had given me experiences that had exposed me to the possibility of another explanation of why we are here and what we are doing in this dimension. In a weird way reality was about to present itself to me…was I prepared for what I may find? I suppose time will tell.

I went back to the book to study it more carefully. As I turned the pages, I saw that it started the very same way as any geography or history subject, giving the timeline of various episodes, albeit in a picture format, it was a complete tracing of world happenings and the earths progress through the cosmos. While the earthly happenings were not much news yet the book was preparing me to face the first shock I was about to get.

The cosmos and its elements were not what we had thought it to be… Yes, the greatest minds had believed what they studied and they believed what they saw, perhaps the eye was built to perceive it as such, but it was nor really either what was seen or perceived. The pictures were telling a completely different story.

Were the sages, right? Why hadn’t we listened to them? Who were they? Why had they been ignored? Why was this being revealed now after so many aeonic cycles? Are we ready for something …is it another level?



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