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History books are full of stories of slavery and these were really horrendous times for the slaves. They didn’t ask for it, it was the product of the times and was present in different parts of the world at different times. The African people who migrated to different lands in search of a better life or to get out of their miserable conditions saw life take a turn for the worse and had but little choice in the beginning, until finally they united under strong leadership and pulled themselves out of their situation and demanded and got their rights. At least legally things were on an even footing.

Things were the same in countries like India but had a different flavor to it…more religious and about the caste system, but the process was generally the same and the destitute had to fight for their rights and demand reservations.

The women were no exception and faced a different kind of situation. Whether in the developed or in the developing world they were considered as second grade citizens and had to fight for their rights and equality and finally things came around full circle with the women’s liberation organisations, with even a few men joining in in the fight.

Throughout the many decades it has been a continuous war with many battles, with one side fighting to dominate and the other to free itself.

While many laws have been passed and an effort has been made on both the social and the political front to bring in as much equality as possible, yet man will be man…. the attitude and the behavior at the grass root level on both fronts hasn’t really changed, it’s just that the attempts are now more veiled lest someone make a ruckus. If the various news reports are to be believed then the evil still continues unabated, albeit in different forms.

So, what’s different in the modern times …. has awareness really changed things? Well in my opinion not really! In fact, in this age of digitization and a constant bombardment of information, the very awareness is being used against people to enslave them in one form or the other.

The age of electronics has made sure of that. I call it the age of commercial enslavement…and politically a kind of backdoor communism under the garb of democracy under the excuse of protecting people.

The age of information has made sure of that, dependency on gadgets has escalated specially in urban areas. Computers are a must in schools and colleges and in all forms of activities commercial, social and political as well for your daily life at home. Nothing wrong with computers…it’s a fantastic tool…but its misuse is a matter of concern and that is an upward graph.

The ever-increasing capacities of mobile to enable one to have everything at the tip of their fingers means that one is in constant contact, and the need to finish things faster has made the man of commerce an absolute slave to it. As if this is not enough the laptops are getting lighter and slimmer…even in the Asian world the villages are being fast introduced to the electronic world and effort is being made to supply the gadgets at lower cost.

They have even become a thing of pride …so owning the latest at exorbitant rates has become a status symbol. Everything is on line. Your life is on social media…the young seem to enjoy flaunting it…it’s a race for who can upload the most and show upmanship…so much so that every detail of life and movement is uploaded….

On the political and commercial front, it is a grand sale …everything is blown out of proportion and presented as a dream that can be easily manifested…the future is presented in a rosy picture, failures are set aside as plausible mistakes of no value, and there is a definite attempt to divert, derail and distract the common man of what is actually on the agenda. Rumors are spread, a hint is given that there may be a central cell of the powerful manipulating the world, information is leaked, new theories suggested by the ever-present media who disseminate information faster than it is released, making it impossible to know what is real and what is unreal.

Meanwhile in all this confusion laws are passed unhindered, notifications published of which the common man is as clueless as ever. An uproar is created that information has to be centralized for the betterment of mankind.

 Ah! Common man requires safety and security. So, let’s tie him up to a number and let’s get every detail of his life on line. Let everyone have easy access and spread his life’s details around …let the information be misused for the benefit of commercial political and social entities. Create  a market by psychological hammering and battering  and sell and sell and make a profit…tell man he can live beyond his means…finally make him destitute and poverty ridden and thus ready to do anything for money ,then tell him he has other avenues ,tell him it is for his betterment…it makes it easy for the government to take care of him if they have all the information about his life…and well, also to spy on him and in effect to control him……all this is of course in the name of democracy or democratic socialism…to give man freedom from worry and thus shackle him by this very prison which he accepted and allowed; because this is what  progress is all about.

Then tell him its safe, its protected, it needs a password and there are firewalls up……well you just set fire to your life, the information is seen to be easily hacked and misused…another uproar again the need to keep info safe again the same reasoning…its all easy pickings for a person with a reasonable background in computer programming.

Of course, it’s not foolproof, so create backups and then maybe these will get stolen …and what if all the satellites get burned one day i.e. if the sun deems it fit to feel so…then its back to the hard copy age…so make hay while the sun shines …enslave yourself common man, get controlled again, but this time remember you gave the permission! Every aspect of your life will be controlled …what you eat, where and how you live, what you can or cannot say, where you can spend your holidays and how you should control your children…you will even told what is right and wrong and whom to follow….of course all this will be done in a subtle manner, you will be nudged to turn and circle or walk the desired path…all the time believing that you took the decision on your own volition and that you are the master of your destiny….are you really!!!

We have just reached the height of new methods of control where this slavery is accepted and even taken pride in and thus there is no question of any one fighting for their freedom because they believe that this kind of slavery actually frees them…when in actual fact the opposite is true! Welcome to the new age slavery, a back-door communism called democracy or capitalistic communism……and humans all over love it…it lends prestige and gives them status! Enjoy the prison of your own making!

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