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The human being is an animal and is one in every respect …let there be no illusions about it. He has started so and will end so unless there is an evolutionary upheaval or the great leap forward takes place. Barring that there is only one road left and that is for man to take it upon himself to enhance and upgrade by putting in the effort on their own and thus progress to a better version than the present one.

Naturally this would involve indulging in a lot of activities that are presently foreign to most humans barring a select few lucky ones who were either born with the faculty or had the good fortune to have the learned ‘Gurus’, who passed on the rare knowledge to the very few who would take it and practice it…such students are getting too few to make a difference to general mankind to enable them raise the bar across board… a difficult task indeed in the face of such ratio.
Be that as it may it will be the task of these few to, at the very least to increase the awareness of the general masses to another type of existence that is far better in both quantity and quality and promises a better future for all concerned individually and as a group.

The first step would then be, to first realize that we are animals and that is the truth. Man has this false notion that he is better than the animals and under this illusion developed many tools to create a façade of sophistication, politeness, respectfulness, understanding, using education in its different modes, and has tried to convince that these tools have been successful in removing all that is inhuman and animal like in an individual.

I would categorically state that this is not the case. Man is inhuman and more animal like than we would care to think. In fact under this illusion he is a great danger not only to himself but also to those around him and to his environment and to the earth in general. He is basically destructive and given to mayhem and terrorism and has the capacity to unleash the aggressiveness without warning and can instinctively be what he is when the situation demands it and would resort to this even against his brethren if necessary . At the base level man is still an animal and although different from other species in that he can think, barring a few this capacity has done little to elevate him. He has hidden behind the veneer of the civilized tool, he has created solid pictures of himself, has stayed under its delusional shadow for a long time and has been able to convince himself of its reality so much so that he now thinks that is all that exists…in fact some more than others and hence the wars and uprisings and massive destructive upheavals that the history of this earth has been witness to.

It takes very little for this façade to slip and all the fashion and education and sophistication just drops in a moment to nothingness and the monster is released in an instant for reasons of self-preservation and protection. Such is the controlled existence that man has been living for a long time and now it’s become unbearable. Thus finding release in bizarre fashions and drugs and extreme behavioral and living patterns passed off as exotic and though strange accepted and even loved in some instances.

Logically speaking then if we are to become a better species then it is time to raise ourselves to a higher level, pull ourselves out of this marsh that is constantly pulling us down to our own destruction…..
Yes we will have to learn to rise above our so called human status and harness the humane in us …….. rise above being human.

So how exactly can this be done is the next question…….this is going to be no easy task…the bottle will have to be cleaned thoroughly so to speak, the very foundation of our thought processes and above all our attitude and our perceptions will have to be changed…we will have to bring in both depth and width to our character, new concepts will have to be understood and definitions will have to change and the very values and systems that we have come to accept as real, will have to be ripped out to accept a reality that will destroy the illusion we have created and reveal the real you.

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