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Religion…… Should It Be A Private Concern?

There has always been a keen interest in our origins and these, over the years, especially as science progressed, has developed into many theories from the world of biology to religious mysticism, until lack of satisfaction led to an earnest study of the ancient monuments and cultures and lore that have left behind an indelible footprint in the form of ancient writings and religious practices and various structures and the very books and stories in the religious books that have pointed more towards science and less and less towards the much accepted speculation that we evolved from the primordial soup so to speak , up the evolution ladder.

Curiosity and a need for a real understanding of the state of things led to a detailed study and the gathering of information and proof from around the world about all the ancient cultures and the various religions and social and religious practices that evolved over the period of thousands of years. This led us to the probability that perhaps we are the progeny of aliens or that perhaps we are the product of a laboratory experiment that went bad. That our temples and places of worship are a homage to the aliens who entered our realm in a manner that we perceived them as being much superior to us which indeed they perhaps were judging from the precise monumental works of art and architecture that was more scientific than just an abode for living purposes.

If such were to be the case then all our Gods and saints to whom we allude superior powers and whom we take to be the supreme protectors of mankind are actually aliens, who were superior to us technologically and had powerful weapons and were able to do wondrous deeds that were little understood then. This would then have led to a sense of worship and raising them on a pedestal and building temples in their name. Even their living patterns and behavioral rules and the concept of society and art of building were transferred to us and all this would be the word of God first verbally transferred and then written down in books which were progressively worshiped and their scientific aspect little understood by a man whose intellect and the understanding of his environment and the world in general was much limited.

There are continuous reports of UFO citing’s and some of them even videotaped leading to a lot of speculation from political creation or suppression, for whatever purpose, to false sensationalism .However there is no conclusive proof albeit a long line of experiences with little or no absolute evidence.

Whatever may be the case whether evolutionary development or alien origination, religion has been useful in that it has led to rules and regulations that have guided mankind for a very long time and helped to maintain a stability in our individual lives and has been the best anchor in times of dire circumstances and in impossible situations. It has created focus and given some quiet moments to enable one to think and contemplate and has created enough fear for most people to stay on track and away from negativity.

However as long as religion is a private concern, and everyone has a right to choose and follow any religion they want, and one does not encroach on another person’s right, in this aspect things remain fine and instead of being a subject of conversation it is only a matter of individual practice in their quest to lead balanced lives to the best of their ability.

But the story doesn’t stop here. Religion went on to become a public matter. It began to be practiced in groups. It developed into cults and entered into every phase of life and in every subject matter that created new platforms for agreements and disagreements leading even to violent altercations and in some cases ending in riots and death. Large institutions came into existence and it even developed branches of knowledge and specialization and entered into the business field. All this has changed the face of religion as it was once understood.

Religion teaches to enhance the soul and must verily lead to good moral conduct and character and a certain degree of reasonableness and understanding. It encourages solutions that are more given to dialogue rather than aggressive action. However this does not seem to be the case. Further practices and customs which began to deal with a particular solution are now redundant in the face of change and require to be undone or upgraded as understanding of the principles and the perceptions of the teachings change.

Religious scriptures and holy books are essential and very scientific as they deal with behavioral science and principles and to some extent psychology. They lay down principles on which life should be lived and really if one were to do so, life does become rewarding and surprisingly smoother. Of course it would require discipline and continuous effort and watchfulness as it is easy to slip for there are many distractions and attractions and the mind is forever trying to run after them.

There was a time when religion needed to be made public …it was a question of freedom movement and this was considered to be the best possible means of gathering people together for a common cause. Festivals were made common and were celebrated in groups creating a common platform for giving information and transferring knowledge. It was the avid need of the times. But it has served its purpose and now perhaps are more a tourist attraction and has lost its spiritual context.

Thus instead of making religion a tool and a public concern it would definitely benefit each individual and mankind in general, in spiritual terms, to practice it privately and not make it a public concern. After all less discussion and more practice would definitely lead to the upliftment of the soul…there is something to be said about quiet enhancement after all.


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