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On Anchors….an introduction

Man is basically a social animal and although would like to be left alone for whatever reason for short periods of time, it is very evident that he is constantly in search of security and is constantly in need of a moral and physical crutch to get through life in a reasonably smooth manner and to get over the many hurdles that life throws at us. However trained, educated and self-dependent an individual might be, he will need this help to maintain stability both in the gross and the subtle world, and it is this very tendency to need help from time to time that he will seek the support not only of other human beings but of different entities and existences that lends some sense of stability to an otherwise complicated life.. Man essentially lives in this bubble that everything is permanent, well understanding and being aware that the opposite is true. This very self-deception that is lived out by entire humanity, and by every generation has lead it to feel secure and safe and have a sense of permanency.

But this bubble eventually crashes, and time and again reality will present itself in its starkness and then there is a massive earthquake that shakes the individual to the very core. When all earthly means of solace are inoperative and rendered useless, then the reins are given to the philosophical and religious anchors  that help the individual to remain afloat till the sensitivity subsides and the ripples vanish and life continues to be more stable, as things come under one’s control.

It is this feeling of insecurity and the need to bring a sense of permanency however short-lived that has led man to develop various anchors that, from time to time are accessed. They have had such an impact on the psyche that the anchors have been given full powers to rule your life and a turn for the worse is then imminent.  A self-thinking brain is reduced to being a puppet at the hands of these anchors that become the all ruling force in one’s life. This brings on an identity crisis and a confused state of mind.

It will be noticed that these items have been created as a life time measure and carried over from generation to generation and have been in existence since man came on this earth and the list has been enriched and enhanced  as life became more complicated and new methods were created  to help man continue on this journey of life.

These anchors have further become corporate entities and institutions and some of them are money making machines leading to further vices and destroying lives in their wake. While there is nothing wrong in creating a temporary crutch allowing to rule your every decision is another matter altogether.

So what are these anchors and are they really enhancing our lives or are they destroying us …are we deliberately turning a blind eye to them as there are no alternatives or is that this acts as a drug to help tide over situations and carry on, or have they just become an addiction or a mere excuse to explain away our inabilities and excuses.

Man likes to live in a dream world…an artificial cocoon if you will, and refuses to accept the fact that we indeed live in a state that is essentially fragile and that all hell can break lose any time. Such being the case a blind eye is turned to reality and artificial crutches are created to lean on from time to time and the biggest of these crutches is God.

That is not to say that I am an atheist or that I deny the existence of some super power ….perhaps it’s just a scientific phenomenon or an enhanced existence or a powerful presence…whatever name we wish to give it, it behooves us to analyze the excessive and sometimes unrealistic power that we have given an unseen and not really well understood entity , and perhaps it is necessary to increase the perception and add another dimension to the concept which has been increasingly misunderstood and misrepresented.

Thus we have created many such crutches to enable us to make the journey of life more palatable in an effort to reduce fear of the unknown and to give plausible solutions to the unsolvable. So far there have only been speculations and no answers, only theories and no facts, just perception and not reality.

 We will deal with them one by one and your comments and opinions are most welcome.

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