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With time being the constant constraint and tiredness a constant companion due to competition healthy and otherwise and the materialistic concerns that rule life now a days, there seems to be an avid reluctance to thinking, to going beyond the purview to do that little bit extra that makes one stand out or be different. Of course everyone wants to be different …in fact that is the name of the game for success and growth…. but in what way different and why, is another thing altogether.

Be it the workplace, home, social functions or even when one is alone the uppermost thought is… well, let’s just do what is wanted and not take that extra effort …after all it’s not paying is it? What’s the point? There is neither time for it, and the money and the inclination.

This attitude has come down in everyday life and leading to tremendous degradation in relationships as well as the way we look at others, which is mostly in disdain and disgust and lack of complete sensitivity to the others plight. This has increased the distance among the humans and the relationships are becoming more strained, matter of fact and with an attitude of ‘just get the job done.

You are travelling on the road, ask the commuter the way and all you will get is a nod or a gesture in a general direction with a blank look on the face. No smile and no utterance, instead that extreme bored look which comes with useless effort.

Go to a hospital and the reception is not interested until you make the effort and even then will ask you to wait sometimes rudely till your time comes….never mind that  you may actually be dying…I mean so what…every sick person in the hospital is in the same state….what’s new.

Government offices are even worse…there is a total lack of interest until one makes a big noise or is loud in their complain or go through someone important…you just don’t exist. Most of the time they are not on their seat and if they are they are busy with internal meetings or just prefer that you make many visits until they agree to meet you after all they are very important…so what if they live on the taxes you pay they are not public servants the private citizens are. And the general public will not complain because of a lot of fears. I have experienced the same attitude in some banks as well. Stations are areal riot, whether police or railway.

Nope, nobody will do anything, not a step will be taken for your betterment or from general goodwill unless something is received in return…. it’s all a trade and so we shall refrain from thinking anything until we see that something is being received. Not only that we would like to receive more than we can give.
Thus for the common man and especially the middle class it’s an uphill task for they cannot go against the powers that be as they fear that protest will lead to blockages, delays or outright negation that harms the quality of the work and increases the cost , not to talk of the wastage in time and the stress that has to be incurred….much of the educated and the sophisticated don’t want to have to do anything with that and hence prefer to delegate the work to a middleman commonly known as the agent who is rough enough to get the job done…..
Why this lethargy, why not go up against the negative attitude and try and make it positive, why not put up a good fight…is it too much effort or is it just the inability or the lack of mental strength or that they are just too tired to take up the cudgels and figuratively beat the living daylights of the one showering injustice.

Even shopkeepers are not attending to the customers and if they do it’s too sweet to be true. The malls have a lot of stuff and the customer just goes and buys what is shelled out, huge price tags on material or stuff that is nowhere near the quality it supposes to be…granted that not all stuff is like that…but the huge price tags on good quality stuff seem to be notional too. Brand image and all that…get real! The customer needs to think and not just pick up stuff because it looks good….some comparison, getting to know the product and the like is important before making the purchase. The modern generation does just that…buys without checking things out…no wonder the escalation of prices even in the grocery shop… there is continuous inflation as there is no bargaining…
Whatever the advertisements say is believed and no questions are asked, and weakness for low prices and big sales are being reaped to the maximum. If they can be sold this low why in the name of heaven are they so high priced when introduced in the market?

Everyone wants quick money with little effort and hence this huge white washing, projecting, telling tall stories , using the media to create facades and promised dream deals and fanciful advertisements to push the point home .
No one is giving all this a second thought…everyone is in a big rush there is this constant race to outdo others and who do you think is benefiting from this?
It’s as if all have been turned into zombies and everyone is thinking for you and telling you what to do and what is right for you and what is best and try to psychologically control you by belittling you, telling you don’t know and they know best and thus thrusting on you their decisions .
It’s a kind of tired resignation of the general masses especially the educated white collars…What can we do? How can we manage? I don’t have the time to run after this…….these are the remarks I hear often….well then be prepared for a royal ride for your life and be led down the garden path!

I see it every day and wonder…. Where are the strong and really thinking masses? …. Why is everybody giving up? …. Why is there such lethargy? …..Why are no questions being asked? ….. What are we scared of?…It’s frightening to see that the few are controlling so many and I wonder if they are even aware of it and whether they understand the harm that is being done to them and to their family as this kind of thinking permeates to the very roots of society that it is now eroding the very fabric of the general mass.

It’s time to take control, and demand that right be done by you, this means that every single individual will have to work at it until it becomes a collective force and justice is established .Or you too lost in your own little world and have no time to take that extra step, to make that extra effort and to give thought to a better life where you make the decisions that are right and the wrong is not forced on You?

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  1. Awesome! Its in fact amazing paragraph, I have got much clear idea regarding from this piece of

  2. Awesome! Its in fact amazing paragraph, I have got much clear idea regarding from this piece of

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