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Spiritual journeys are not only internal. Sometimes it necessitates short or even long-distance travel to attain the goal of learning and understanding. The spiritual texts like the Vedanta or the Upanishads are mostly written in Sanskrit with commentaries by notable scholars in different languages enabling one to understand to some extent what it is really trying to say.

Nevertheless, the understanding is never really complete unless one has a Guru from time to time to enhance the depth of the understanding that is essential to further one’s thought building process, and enable contemplation.

I had developed an urge to understand the dreamer. waker and deep sleep state and the state beyond viz. Turya and it was suggested by an esteemed member of our regular Sunday study group (where we study the Vashishta Gyan) that One Acharya who visited Kamshet to teach her would be willing to take a class for a period of 7 days. Kamshet is not far from Pune and locals travel there daily. Incidentally it is famous for its ‘Indrayani’ Rice which is smooth and rich in quality and tasty.

I was thrilled at her kindness and decided to join with another member of the class who had a doctorate in Philosophy and travel daily by the local.


History books are full of stories of slavery and these were really horrendous times for the slaves. They didn’t ask for it, it was the product of the times and was present in different parts of the world at different times. The African people who migrated to different lands in search of a better life or to get out of their miserable conditions saw life take a turn for the worse and had but little choice in the beginning, until finally they united under strong leadership and pulled themselves out of their situation and demanded and got their rights. At least legally things were on an even footing.

Things were the same in countries like India but had a different flavor to it…more religious and about the caste system, but the process was generally the same and the destitute had to fight for their rights and demand reservations.

The women were no exception and faced a different kind of situation. Whether in the developed or in the developing world they were considered as second grade citizens and had to fight for their rights and equality and finally things came around full circle with the women’s liberation organisations, with even a few men joining in in the fight.

Throughout the many decades it has been a continuous war with many battles, with one side fighting to dominate and the other to free itself.

While many laws have been passed and an effort has been made on both the social and the political front to bring in as much equality as possible, yet man will be man…. the attitude and the behavior at the grass root level on both fronts hasn’t really changed, it’s just that the attempts are now more veiled lest someone make a ruckus. If the various news reports are to be believed then the evil still continues unabated, albeit in different forms.

So, what’s different in the modern times …. has awareness really changed things? Well in my opinion not really! In fact, in this age of digitization and a constant bombardment of information, the very awareness is being used against people to enslave them in one form or the other.

The age of electronics has made sure of that. I call it the age of commercial enslavement…and politically a kind of backdoor communism under the garb of democracy under the excuse of protecting people.


If you say to some one “Trust me” they will immediately give you a look that is full of disdain or disbelief or make a face that tells all. Others may hide behind a façade of their own making, as street smartness tell them to just be non-committal and not air their views in public for whatever hidden agendas or personal concerns.
Was this the case with earlier generations? Having lived now for almost six decades I have had the opportunity to observe many changes that have taken place over the past years. I have seen the direction in which man has been evolving, and had time to study humans in different capacities, from many countries and of different ages with different kinds of intelligences and following a large spectrum of religions.


I really have to ask this question. Look anywhere, whether it’s the papers or magazines or the electronic social media…two things stand out clearly; nutrition and the need to be fit. As far as the latter is concerned, well, there are many routes starting from the gym to yoga and other exercising varieties, ranging from the most basic to the exotic ones, and then there are the spas and massages and the pills and the surgeries for the lazy ones, who search for the easy way out and are willing to shell out whatever is required, more for aesthetics than health.

The fitness of children, adults and the old are all making headlines and of course commerce is not far behind, and we see the mushrooming of a variety of supplements, health drinks and food, all claiming to be natural and chemical free. Charging the earth in the name of purity and literally making hay while the sun shines.

Its ironical that nutrition never saw so many  words written about it in the old days nor was such a hue and cry made….If one were to look back at the past generations they had fewer problems the food , climate, atmosphere  and just about everything …even behavior and the mindset was more healthy.

So why so much drama. It’s all very simple….glamour, the so called high living and the percolation of the western attitude in the moneyed circles and the increasing laziness has taken its toll. We are responsible, we brought this on ourselves. The Indian society, agricultural processes and the food produced was already healthy. Our tradition and culture and religion had taken care of that in a very scientific way. But good received is never appreciated until it is destroyed and side effects to the new so called enhanced and technologically rich system start showing .  This is exactly what has happened, entering the rat race and in the name of economics, increased incomes and standard of living, and a need to hasten the pace for a balanced growth we have completely undermined our health, instead of enhancing it WE HAVE SYSTEMATICALLY DESTROYED IT.


I woke up early to the call of a cuckoo, followed by the call of other birds. It was Saturday and there was no particular agenda so I decided to take it easy although there was always a list of chores o be done.  After feeding the birds and the fishes and taking a short walk to refresh myself from the oxygen filled air, I went about making some breakfast. It was a bright day but last night’s rain had left its imprint on the foliage and the there was a general feeling of goodness in the air. I carried my cup of tea to the hall and sat down contemplating on what I had seen last night. I wondered whether I would find any more changes. I opened the book again with some trepidation to look again at the shadow less world.

The picture looked the same generally…but on looking more closely I perceived a lake beyond the trees. It was dark no more and the sun shone in the sky and the water twinkled in the lake as it moved and made ripples in the wind. The picture seemed to be alive and moving with the present. Night had turned to day too and again there were no shadows and no birds or animals in this wood. It was very quiet. I looked out of my window and my garden was rich with many sounds, but the wood in the picture seemed to be living a life of its own. The house continued to be as it was and beyond the river the girl was no longer pointing out, her outstretched arm now lay in her lap and she was looking down at something.