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If you say to some one “Trust me” they will immediately give you a look that is full of disdain or disbelief or make a face that tells all. Others may hide behind a façade of their own making, as street smartness tell them to just be non-committal and not air their views in public for whatever hidden agendas or personal concerns.
Was this the case with earlier generations? Having lived now for almost six decades I have had the opportunity to observe many changes that have taken place over the past years. I have seen the direction in which man has been evolving, and had time to study humans in different capacities, from many countries and of different ages with different kinds of intelligences and following a large spectrum of religions.



I really have to ask this question. Look anywhere, whether it’s the papers or magazines or the electronic social media…two things stand out clearly; nutrition and the need to be fit. As far as the latter is concerned, well, there are many routes starting from the gym to yoga and other exercising varieties, ranging from the most basic to the exotic ones, and then there are the spas and massages and the pills and the surgeries for the lazy ones, who search for the easy way out and are willing to shell out whatever is required, more for aesthetics than health.

The fitness of children, adults and the old are all making headlines and of course commerce is not far behind, and we see the mushrooming of a variety of supplements, health drinks and food, all claiming to be natural and chemical free. Charging the earth in the name of purity and literally making hay while the sun shines.

Its ironical that nutrition never saw so many  words written about it in the old days nor was such a hue and cry made….If one were to look back at the past generations they had fewer problems the food , climate, atmosphere  and just about everything …even behavior and the mindset was more healthy.

So why so much drama. It’s all very simple….glamour, the so called high living and the percolation of the western attitude in the moneyed circles and the increasing laziness has taken its toll. We are responsible, we brought this on ourselves. The Indian society, agricultural processes and the food produced was already healthy. Our tradition and culture and religion had taken care of that in a very scientific way. But good received is never appreciated until it is destroyed and side effects to the new so called enhanced and technologically rich system start showing .  This is exactly what has happened, entering the rat race and in the name of economics, increased incomes and standard of living, and a need to hasten the pace for a balanced growth we have completely undermined our health, instead of enhancing it WE HAVE SYSTEMATICALLY DESTROYED IT.



I was just going through the paper today and then browsed the net. As usual the advertisements stare out at you forever trying to entice you and using every trick in the book to net clientele by creating lovely visual effects and making promises.

For a person, with some means, who is tired of the mundane existence and its stresses and strains and fed up of the high-rise building & matchbox existence, what we call modern life, these definitely prove enticing… …a veritable getaway or run away if you will… an escapism, even if for a short time to enjoy the pristineness of earth and its peacefulness which sadly is available only in small pockets.

Be that as it may, the other side of the coin is more horrific to those who would think more of others than themselves and their own short-lived and temporary respite, all in the end of no avail. While on the one hand business and economics has little time to give to the preservation of earth, and even less time to think of future generations and what type of legacy we are going to leave behind as a generation that is no different from the locust in their greed and hunger for profit on the other hand it will be leaving in its’ wake destruction and barrenness that can never be reversed.







Water, one of the five elements can be at once destructive and tranquil. This picture taken by Rebaz Sulaimani is truly inspiring. Water, when seen its depth and width, has this awesome quality and a magnetic power,  that has the power to alter ones thought process when one is confronted by its vastness and power. At the same time one can only be amazed at its ability to balance out ones thoughts and extend a feeling of peace and tranquility as one gazes upon it; its very depth and placidity lending a substance to life that is well grounded and solid, so much so that it lulls you into a space that is safe and secure to the point where one forgets oneself and for a few moments one is given a glimpse of what true bliss is.

Perhaps there is much to be learnt from nature which has, embedded within itself great wisdom and is not restricted in its beauty and teaching. Human Beings for all their cleverness have never tried to reach these very depths, which in its very existence is a telling tale of balance and which is, the very essence of our existence on this planet.

Yes its balance that renders things tranquil…and every time it is lost there is an upheaval …we have seen this through the ages and history has a large number of tales to tell…yet we humans have done everything to upset this balance and do so with blatant disregard to our very existence. Perhaps we are so far gone that now restoring this balance would be a herculean task if at all possible.

Is it too late then?…..Perhaps we don’t have to worry and nature will trigger its own fail-safe ….after all every entity fights for its existence and  its continuity and nature is  no exception for it is much stronger and harsher than mankind and will prevail despite everything. As a species we need to worry about this and unless rightful action

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Now, the world don’t move to the beat of just one drum, what might be right for you, may not be right for some. A man is born, he’s a man of means. Then along come two, they got nothing but their jeans. But they got, Diff’rent Strokes, it takes Diff’rent Strokes. It takes Diff’rent Strokes to move the world.

In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups. The police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories.

I am Duncan Macleod, born 400 years ago in the Highlands of Scotland. I am Immortal, and I am not alone. For centuries, we have waited for the time of the Gathering when the stroke of a sword and the fall of a head will release the power of the Quickening. In the end, there can be only one.

There are those who believe that life here began out there… far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians or the Toltecs or the Mayans. Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive somewhere beyond the heavens. Fleeing from the Cylon Tyranny, the last Battlestar – Galactica – leads a rag-tag fugitive fleet on a lonely quest. A shining planet, known as Earth.

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