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Are we beating about the bush?
Are we levelling off our very words?
Are we moving around in circles?
Where the beginning meets the end.

Are we looking without seeing?
Our perceptions all askew;
Are we moving without reaching?
Where every place is new;

Are we touching without feeling?
Our emotions a selfish hue.
Where the ‘ I  ‘ is the sole survivor
Of a modern holocaust called Life.

So thoughtless our world today
Our lives sans togetherness;
In an extreme lack of awareness
Of ourselves and the Self.

Continuously seeing without,
Unhappy with the many images
A shadowy blur of manifestations
Of our own making.

We are immediately made to know
By the unhappy miseries that
Follow many a path unbroken
That we have desecrated
The very Temple we live within

Having created a Hell of our own making.
There is no escape from this prison,
No use your cries of help!
There is no one listening.

 The echo of your own voice,
Resonates in your own soul
Deeply blackened by the acts
Of yester years, today and tomorrow.

Oh mankind, you must reap what you sow!
Pay off your debts, and perhaps some day
Life will begin anew, if lessons well learnt
There may be hope for you yet,
Oh mankind, take heed before it’s too late!





We think a lot about matters we don’t know,

We profess continuously, on researches that are hollow

On the passage of time, many questions are raised,

And then they just go away, paying much for answers ungrained.


We took this birth but the soul reaps nothing!

Yet we just keep on asking, while life’s teachings go a begging

Theories are laid on foundations none,

Great palaces built on a path unknown.


We know not where we come from,

We know not where we are going,

We are ignorant of our life here

What knowledge are we storing?


Life here is no story,

T’is a mere repetition of things gone awry

By our very own hand!

Oh Life!  Where is thy Glory?

The Light in Darkness!











                    Stay Darkness! There is a light there

                 Telling me stories of mankind’s flairs

                  Not a moment too soon, I come upon it,

                  Just let it be there for a while,

                  We are trying to surpass thee.

                   Said Darkness, “I’m always there,

                   Covering everything, within and without  

                   A little bit of light is just that

                   Only for a moment, then I reign supreme.

                   When the wicker burns out,

                    How do you propose to carry on?

                    For I am the Truth,

                    The very core of existence

                     Even the light cannot escape me.

                     It’s an illusion, a temporary expression


                      Be all and end all

                       No matter your secret aspirations

                       It will always enfold.

                        Embrace it! Then you shall ‘see’

                        The Light in Darkness!


                                                             Mamta Apte









Ages have passed, eons gone!

The questions have remained the same,

They still go unanswered

As we mingle blindly among them.

Stop now… And let go!

There is nothing to ask

And there is nothing to know!

 Oh it’s just a task.

There is nothing to gain

And nothing to lose,

 Let go these researches

And live life through.

Mere extension of time

From a source unknown,

We are a projection of a mind

That plays games galore.

We exist not, we know not

So let not the mind play games,

 Otherwise you will only be besought 

With agonies untold.

                                                                                                  Mamta Apte










                                       Between the two shores of
Life and Death,
There is a great abyss, so very deep
That it tends to drown you
Into a deep waking sleep.
Between the two shores of
Life and Death,
Is, a cess pool, that’s very dandy and cool
Filled with activities galore
At a speed where nothing can be restored.
From birth begins the journey of untold sins,
Of disbelief and destruction which is perhaps
Life’s only creation, and we are left with
Only the clatter called Humanity.
Where regression is named development
And corruption a matter of course,
Every aspect of life seems contaminated
With the touch of degraded souls.
Matters not that you are good
Nor whether you want to contribute,
For there is no place for the such
As they will never be understood.
Made-up stories, artificial supreme
All just a projection of the mind
Myriad colors, attractively laid out
In various designs and intricate patterns
Little knowing from whence you have come.
And even less of destination after death,
We strut along like we are Kings although
Of a lesser realm, oh! So unknown.
For how long will this dance continue?
How much more can the soul degrade?
The cleansing is long overdue
Oh Humanity! Take stock and pay your dues.
Cleanse yourself then look at the shores
Make your right choice,
Reach for the banks and don’t look back
To the dream ….. Between Life and Death!
                                                MAMTA  APTE