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Category: Mentoring

On Thought and Thinking

What is thinking?
What is valid/invalid/worthless, pure and rational thinking?
Why is it necessary to think?
How long should one think on a particular matter?
How do we decide that whatever decision has been taken is good and final?
Are there different patterns for thinking?
How does one actualize a thought to become a reality?
How much time and importance should be given to a particular thought?
What is a thoughtless state?
The above were some of the questions raised by a member during one of the discussion sessions held every Sunday. The following are my thoughts on the questions raised. Your response and further additions are welcome.

Rationalism Vs Emotionalism

Recently, a question was raised on the counter effects of rationalism in the absence of emotion. At the outset perhaps it would be better to segregate the two terms emotion and emotionalism. These are two very different terms although near in spelling and pronunciation.
While emotion is a very positive tool, emotionalism can destroy the best of us, if exhibited incorrectly and in the wrong conditions, and can have a very disturbing effect on the environment.
Emotions like Anger, Contempt, Fear, Disgust, Happiness, Sadness and Surprise have been given to us as a defense mechanism, some to ward of danger and others to make us aware of our surroundings and become sensitive to its nuances, before possible harm can occur. These are in fact a very part of our physiology and are programed into us and would do us harm if we tried to do away with them. In fact used in correct quantity these emotions help to build our character and give substance to our behavior and help to build our personality.
Rationalism on the other hand is the pure use of logic and analytical power to gauge a situation in its pristineness, an objective analysis of the situation that has no room for emotion, an almost robotic quality to do what is best in a given situation sans distraction of emotion that will bring out the best result. It’s precise and practical and very much on the point and leaves little room to maneuver. It will involves discrimination and wisdom of experience and a much centered and balanced look at things and will cater to absolutism.
Emotionalism, on the other hand, is a different kettle of fish, it removes all power to think, and it will destabilize, and will oscillate taking extreme positions and bring out bursts of emotions, and will lead to irrational analysis, based mostly on subjectivity, and will render argument and understanding useless, leaving one physically and emotionally and mentally hot, and upset, with expanded eyes, variant gestures, teary eyed in some cases with heated attitude and raised voices and sharp body movements, and the inability to listen altogether…an explosive situation all in all leading to dissension and soreness in body and mind and resulting some times in heinous acts of bodily harm and revenge…..all very undesirable and completely foolish if I may say so!
What is necessary is to have rationalism with the right amount of emotion. This will ensure that emotion is expressed in right measure and quality and according to the circumstances. This will not only resolve complications but will lead to a saner living pattern and help to maintain a more peaceful environment which in turn will promote growth and prosperity. Understanding will be clear and the perceptions will be right, there will be lesser misunderstandings and more constructive thought processes and above all it will enable one to put oneself in the others shoe and see things as they are and thus be clearer about the concerned situation. It will lead to more openness and a sense of goodwill will prevail and the sense of having enemies and opposite parties may reduce to the minimum.
Thus emotion +rationalism will enable but emotionalism will disable.
This is what being human is being all about…enhancement, change and elevated thought processes that are put into practice so that every tomorrow is better than yesterday…..the removal of negativity and the indulgence in recreating ourselves……constantly on an everyday scale. Emotionalism will inhibit this process…so be rational and by all means have emotions …but shun emotionalism…!