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Over the years there has definitely been a deterioration in terms of general behavior, attitude and in actions and reactions and general perceptions in what is right or wrong. I have noticed that this change has gathered momentum and things are going from bad to worse at and increasing rate especially in India.
It’s a sad phase in the history in the making, and there seems little that can be done about it. Take the case of a simple matter of following rules. There is tremendous resistance to the same. The Traffic rules seem to make a very good example. Despite the constant reminding thru media and the various authorities and the presence of the police there is absolutely no change.

Matters, are not very different when it comes to the working public of various categories…. shirking work, reaching late, giving personal reasons for tardiness, lack of perfection in work, laziness …all in all a general lack of interest and need to better oneself and take that extra step to improve not only oneself but others seems to be lacking to a great extent.
Further the lack of focus and contemplation seems to be absent as well. There is an unhealthy attitude of non-cooperation and an avid tendency to pull others down with little heed to cost and its cascading effect on the behavior of others in terms of backlash and revenge.
It’s not just the general attitude but delusions about the self and the power that posts give and the ego that goes along with it that really makes matters worse. There is little or no rationalism, realism is just not on the horizon, and emotions reign supreme where the I complex comes forth glaring and blinding, thus sidetracking anything and everything that will result in sensible response to the situation.
Just last month there was an episode of cars blocking the entrance gate of a home owner making it impossible for the person to enter the premises. There was therefore cause to call the local authority viz the local traffic police chief to resolve the issue. On calling the home owner was rudely told that this was a small matter and that the person lacked common sense…then a huge ruckus had to be raised to gain attention, the commissioner office had to be called and they sent the team and the matter was resolved.
Where is the sense in such a situation? It should never have reached these messy proportions. Everyday life is filled with these nonsensical tugs of wars. Nature Vs money power is another problem. What is essential is exactly that and there should be no issue over it …. Cut trees for parking space, or to see the steeple / dome of a temple, or is too near the window or because they are afraid it will fall some time…come on people they were here before us, at least live and let live. Or are you going to wipe out everything till our lives are in peril…get real.
Fights on roads are a common sight, especially since no one follows the lanes and overtaking recklessly is a rule rather than exception. Speeding of motorcycles to impress or just out of sheer reckless joy results in dissension and irritation of the one at the receiving end in the event of an accident.
Everyone is breaking the rules because it is accepted practice here and thus the common man has to suffer endless hardships as he has neither the time or the money. On the other hand, if the laws are in place there is a general lack luster attitude to implement them and if the citizen tries to question it, the person concerned is affronted. Isn’t it their job to help the citizen.
Let me give you an example. There is a lot of promotion by government to grow trees, but no real help is being given to the citizens who are. If one were to go to the corporation to help you are directed to the garden department…where you have to pay to get that help. So, spend to grow the trees, pay for the water and electricity, pay to get the garden waste removed, ask for permission to get it cut even if dead, pay a private contractor to cut it down and pay to cart it off. Why the heck would anyone want to have big trees…. it’s too much of a hassle for the common citizen especially if they are old.
There is a tug of war at the home front due to attachments, pets create it between lovers and non-lovers of animals, there is constant dissension between the employer and the employees. the former wanting the latter to work extra hours without pay or catering to personal problems, or the shirking work employees’ type., there is a constant tug among the politicians and the media, among the various political parties and the educationists and the students…the list goes on and on.
All this behavior requires a rethink…its growing like a monster eating up everything in its path and making everything and everyone ugly.  The exhibitionism, the painting of things bigger than they are, projection of falsities, making ego the king and strutting about in bombastic projections by institutions and individuals don’t go to make an environment that is conducive to value addition, growth or evolvement.
Yes, we see a lot of development by destruction, we see a lot of creation that mostly copies from nature, there are a lot of inventions that have only catered to comfort and luxury and promoted pollution.,…….where is the addition to what we were given.
The Tug of War in every aspect of life has led to regression and battles that have wounded and scarred the earth, spoiled the very air we breathe, deteriorated attitudes and created behavioral problems, have led to irrational thought and entered everyday lives to the extent that competition has become unhealthy and there is the definite stench of regression. Where is the sanity in all this and where is the wisdom!


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