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Just for a moment, sometimes I ponder.

On the various lives comprising

The single passage on a planet,

That promises much on it

Way to the end.


We look far ahead, on an

Empty time span that is

Very short, and talk of endless

Journeys on a planet

That promises much on its

Way to the end.


So many shouts in a single sound

So many horizons on a single one

So many lives all rolled into one.

So many laughs in happiness

So many cries of pain


So many ends to a single life

So many lives to a death.

So much living without a life

So much talking with nothing to say.


So many disturbances whence nothing happens

So much misery without sadness,

So much happiness without being happy

So much activity with little or no contribution.


No longer does the heart sing

The true songs of life;

A sadness befalls me

Of yester years gone;

Yet I am happy in a sad way!


     _____________          Mamta Apte


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