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If you say to some one “Trust me” they will immediately give you a look that is full of disdain or disbelief or make a face that tells all. Others may hide behind a façade of their own making, as street smartness tell them to just be non-committal and not air their views in public for whatever hidden agendas or personal concerns.
Was this the case with earlier generations? Having lived now for almost six decades I have had the opportunity to observe many changes that have taken place over the past years. I have seen the direction in which man has been evolving, and had time to study humans in different capacities, from many countries and of different ages with different kinds of intelligences and following a large spectrum of religions.

It doesn’t matter from where you are and to which tribe or religion or country one belongs, in modern times there seems to be this one common aspect that struck me most, and not only has it become global, it is gaining momentum and covering every aspect of life.
 Just look around you, your family, extended families and the society in general. Take a look over the years. What has really taken place, where did the change start to occur and why? I don’t think that this happened in the short period. It was a long period development, in the sense that it grew so slowly that people did not even recognize it, in fact in many societies they still don’t!
 During my childhood, we were never given express explanations on how not to trust anyone or not talk to strangers or take help from unknown people. I remember how helpful even strangers were in times of difficulties and there was no distrust. Whether between owners or laborer’s or between family and friends or even among unknown people the air was clear and there was no hesitation or lack of trust among the different ages of people…there was a general air of honesty and goodwill. People were taken at their word and also kept their word. Most of the people I saw were diligent and did their best and also went the extra mile. There was a certain solidness in the people irrespective of caste, class or religion. India was a good place, the society solid and the family bond was strong, supportive and life, full of substance. As I reached my teens things were not much different and the next five years were very much the same. There was the feeling of safety and there was little or no selfishness in the way people conducted their business. Even the shopkeeper was reasonably honest and did not try to sell substandard goods.
However, around the 1980’s some thing changed, the society started getting influenced by the west and the technological and more specifically the electronic revolution so to speak started the ball rolling. The world subsequently became smaller, there was better communication and transport system improved, and everything from food to news became instant…. things were known as they happened and reactions came in even faster.
This meant that we were exposed to globalization at a fast pace, faster than we were able to take it in, and the era of aping began. People started changing, their wants increased and so this the competition from the supply side. Societies changed, cut throat competition in every field, personal and public came to stay. The result was that words and messages were thrown out in a baseless way…. thus, began the age of advertisement. Everyone is out to project an image, both in their personal and public life. Commercialization entered in every facet of life and the need to attract attention at any cost became rampant…quantity took the place of quality and the wants were now being created where none exist. The senses were being exploited to the fullest extent and the manipulation of the human emotions has reached and extreme.
 So, everyone is taking every other person for a ride, stories are created, promises are made only to be broken, facades are created to meet every situation and there are even instant smiles and camaraderie, quick fixes, illusions created via advertisements, a lot of posing by the sellers and the marketing department is falling over backwards to create bizarre images to pander the human psyche that craves for something different. Now everyone is guarded…should I believe, …is it the truth…are you telling me a story, or better still confront and say…I don’t believe you! Everyone is suspicious. And in this attitude are therefore rendered alone! There is no one to turn to…who is going to confirm…yes you are on your own!
You are told help will come and none arises, there is a promise of delivering and nothing gets delivered, you asked to take the good by looking at its picture and some thing else is delivered. The laziness of humans and there decreasing need to explore and find out and think for themselves is fast disappearing. Yes! we are being secretly guided by the use of the psychological tools to buy what we don’t need or want, we are shown wild pictures and untrue images and urged to buy.
The services promised are never up to the mark and the common man has to struggle to get things done. Soon it dawns on a few humans, that all is not right, matters are not the same as they were before, everything is royal mess and that the illusions created by all those who can control the society in general are just stacking up, so much so that both the controllers and the true product has vanished from sight and we are left gasping for air.
It is not only that the air or water or earth has got polluted. The most polluted is man himself. In mind and thought he has become untrustworthy and in action even more so. The thought is different from the action, there are selfish agendas and stories are woven to attain them, falsities projected with much finesse a, that they seem to beat reality and the general public is numbed by the constant onslaught of the polluted matter and now laps it up as real.
 Now here is the funny thing! These days whenever I meet a few people, all talk about how untrustworthy man is and so how life has become difficult as nothing can be taken at face value. So, there is a section of the population understanding that this is happening. Despite this there is no change in their response to these falsities…. they shun it or avoid it or live with it. Yes, there is no greater sin than surrendering to an illusion and claiming it as real and then giving the reason of being powerless.
The false illusions and projections of a so called better world steeped in materialism and the glorification of a substance less existence has reached its ridiculous limit. That which untrustworthy is being accepted as trustworthy and being upheld as normal in all facets of life. Where has the Will gone, is the modern generation so tired that they are willing to swim in this pollution and deteriorate. Trust has indeed gone out of the window, its impossible to take any one at their word whether written or oral. The Legal aspect though well covered as far as the word is concerned the manipulation of these very words leaves much to be desired as illusions are created here too.
So! Who and what are we to trust. The new generation is the generation of disbelief and ‘Trust’ is no longer a word in use, it has almost died as now only a very small percentage of the population is trustworthy, and it’s a dwindling tribe. Indeed, Trust has flown right out of the window, and the word will soon become obsolete and removed from the dictionary!
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