Are we beating about the bush?
Are we levelling off our very words?
Are we moving around in circles?
Where the beginning meets the end.

Are we looking without seeing?
Our perceptions all askew;
Are we moving without reaching?
Where every place is new;

Are we touching without feeling?
Our emotions a selfish hue.
Where the ‘ I  ‘ is the sole survivor
Of a modern holocaust called Life.

So thoughtless our world today
Our lives sans togetherness;
In an extreme lack of awareness
Of ourselves and the Self.

Continuously seeing without,
Unhappy with the many images
A shadowy blur of manifestations
Of our own making.

We are immediately made to know
By the unhappy miseries that
Follow many a path unbroken
That we have desecrated
The very Temple we live within

Having created a Hell of our own making.
There is no escape from this prison,
No use your cries of help!
There is no one listening.

 The echo of your own voice,
Resonates in your own soul
Deeply blackened by the acts
Of yester years, today and tomorrow.

Oh mankind, you must reap what you sow!
Pay off your debts, and perhaps some day
Life will begin anew, if lessons well learnt
There may be hope for you yet,
Oh mankind, take heed before it’s too late!



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