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Month: August 2017

IT IS NOT THAT LIFE IS ONE LONG ENDLESS SAD JOURNEY………..                     IT IS OTHER PEOPLE THAT MAKE IT SO                                     AND MAKE LIVING…


Wide awake now, I felt the crawling sensation return. The rain had turned into a hard downpour and the night sounds had vanished behind the sounds of the harsh rain beating on the roof top and the metal awnings. I could hear the wind whistling through the trees as the clouds moved on their onward journey. A part of my brain went back to the yester years and I wondered if there would be a flood this year. I didn’t know why I was thinking about that now especially when I had this unexplainable situation which was worrying me no end. I suppose the brain has its own way of coping with situations that make the adrenalin flow and the heart beat faster for flight or courage. Either way, there was nowhere to run, or I thought it was best to brave it out whatever the consequences. But there was a sense of trepidation. I thought it would be best to start with the books and with a sense of foreboding I got out of bed and made my way across the bedroom to the corner table where I had placed them.

I looked at them and hesitated. They were very old and I could see that the cover was a little browned and looked the worse for wear. They were three of them, each of the same size but of different thickness. I had not asked for these books yet they had come to me in a strange way and brought by a stranger that seemed unworldly.