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I really have to ask this question. Look anywhere, whether it’s the papers or magazines or the electronic social media…two things stand out clearly; nutrition and the need to be fit. As far as the latter is concerned, well, there are many routes starting from the gym to yoga and other exercising varieties, ranging from the most basic to the exotic ones, and then there are the spas and massages and the pills and the surgeries for the lazy ones, who search for the easy way out and are willing to shell out whatever is required, more for aesthetics than health.

The fitness of children, adults and the old are all making headlines and of course commerce is not far behind, and we see the mushrooming of a variety of supplements, health drinks and food, all claiming to be natural and chemical free. Charging the earth in the name of purity and literally making hay while the sun shines.

Its ironical that nutrition never saw so many  words written about it in the old days nor was such a hue and cry made….If one were to look back at the past generations they had fewer problems the food , climate, atmosphere  and just about everything …even behavior and the mindset was more healthy.

So why so much drama. It’s all very simple….glamour, the so called high living and the percolation of the western attitude in the moneyed circles and the increasing laziness has taken its toll. We are responsible, we brought this on ourselves. The Indian society, agricultural processes and the food produced was already healthy. Our tradition and culture and religion had taken care of that in a very scientific way. But good received is never appreciated until it is destroyed and side effects to the new so called enhanced and technologically rich system start showing .  This is exactly what has happened, entering the rat race and in the name of economics, increased incomes and standard of living, and a need to hasten the pace for a balanced growth we have completely undermined our health, instead of enhancing it WE HAVE SYSTEMATICALLY DESTROYED IT.

After all as they say ‘Health is Wealth’…this holds true both for the individual and for the nation as a whole. We have seen various Apex bodies being established in various spheres viz. insurance, banks, telecom and now the real estate to name a few. Then why is it that we do not have an Apex body to control what junk is being sold in the name of making profit. I think everybody is aware of the lack of nutrition in many food items …not only are they being sold but they are proud of it…it’s being advertised and sales promotion is at its best…the children are the most targeted. But we have a fundamental right to do any business and make a profit. So the business community may say that they produce because there is a demand…so now the consumers are at fault….well this blame game can go on endlessly and we as humans are all going to suffer collectively no matter which side of the argument we individually are….  it’s a loose loose situation

Further why should it be a subject for argument? When all sides agree that something is wrong, a collective effort has to be made to right the situation. It’s strange that hybridization, the very reason for bad health (and increased profit) is allowed to be continued, The fruits are getting larger and more colorful, they are being artificially ripened, artificial rice today is the talk of the day and while all this is doing the rounds no action either by the powers that be nor the heads of family are taking action or protesting about it. It’s all talk and matters carry on as usual. If the physical health deteriorates then mental health will too. We will progress from being known as intelligent people to a nation of idiots….well we are fast reaching that category and will find it hard to escape if we continue this cut copy paste tendency…everything western is not good or scientific. And all things traditional may not suit the present era. But we can make the best of both words…we can pick and choose best of both worlds…we do have a mixed economy, we do have controlled democracy and capitalism…then why not the same for healthy living. We know full well that humans take the easy way out  , the down road …that is our failing…so we have to set controls ourselves to control us so that we may live , breathe and eat healthy…..Yes let’s get back to basics…we had it made and foolishly, we destroyed it by our own hand…

A little analysis will soon make it clear that our traditional pattern of living not only makes a lot of sense, it’s scientific and suitable to both our climate and land. Further it promoted intelligence and discipline in thinking and living. It built character.

By all means, be modern. All things modern are not bad…. but not at the cost of our physical and mental health, or we will again be slaves to another nation and this time we may lack the will and not have the ability to fight for our freedom!!!! It’s called Economic Slavery!!!!!

                                                         THE END

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      Thank You…appreciate the kind words..

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