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The Light in Darkness!











                    Stay Darkness! There is a light there

                 Telling me stories of mankind’s flairs

                  Not a moment too soon, I come upon it,

                  Just let it be there for a while,

                  We are trying to surpass thee.

                   Said Darkness, “I’m always there,

                   Covering everything, within and without  

                   A little bit of light is just that

                   Only for a moment, then I reign supreme.

                   When the wicker burns out,

                    How do you propose to carry on?

                    For I am the Truth,

                    The very core of existence

                     Even the light cannot escape me.

                     It’s an illusion, a temporary expression


                      Be all and end all

                       No matter your secret aspirations

                       It will always enfold.

                        Embrace it! Then you shall ‘see’

                        The Light in Darkness!


                                                             Mamta Apte








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