I was just going through the paper today and then browsed the net. As usual the advertisements stare out at you forever trying to entice you and using every trick in the book to net clientele by creating lovely visual effects and making promises.

For a person, with some means, who is tired of the mundane existence and its stresses and strains and fed up of the high-rise building & matchbox existence, what we call modern life, these definitely prove enticing… …a veritable getaway or run away if you will… an escapism, even if for a short time to enjoy the pristineness of earth and its peacefulness which sadly is available only in small pockets.

Be that as it may, the other side of the coin is more horrific to those who would think more of others than themselves and their own short-lived and temporary respite, all in the end of no avail. While on the one hand business and economics has little time to give to the preservation of earth, and even less time to think of future generations and what type of legacy we are going to leave behind as a generation that is no different from the locust in their greed and hunger for profit on the other hand it will be leaving in its’ wake destruction and barrenness that can never be reversed.

Large tracts of good agricultural land which provide food are being taken up for construction. There is no law in place to stop the destruction of cultivable land, the builders are allowed to eat up this land and huge townships are coming up and decorative gardens …which although look good hardly contribute to the environment…the western type glass houses are giving off a lot of heat and creating a greenhouse effect…vertical growth means more and more pollution. The urban area is expanding at the cost of food, water, trees, and weather and this is again further affecting the area further on as weather patterns change and lack of enough water for food has affected its supply immensely.

There are large tracts of uncultivable barren infertile land owned by the powers that be…why aren’t these being supplied to the builders for construction…… why is it that these townships don’t make it their business to do so….surely this would benefit all and preservation would be served at the same time as well…there seems to be a deliberate short-sightedness to earn profits and hell with the future and the generations to come…I mean who long as we have lived our lives …who has the time…money now is more important…..

Standing on the seventh floor and seeing the green hills and the development in the valley  was a sad picture as soon, the hills would be eaten up for the so called development. Add to it the short sightedness of those who govern and make the rules and the allied activity of corruption this activity is now gaining momentum to the extent that there is no one voicing this.

Then I was further pained to see the advertisement of a mountain resort boldly advertising the mountain resort around which was a thick pristine forest…..How long this pristineness will remain is anybody’s guess!!

Really if the powers that be restricted the height of these buildings and allowed only one building per acre with tree plantation of tall big leafed treed this would contain pollution and help to maintain weather patterns, reduce inversion and other medical problems that come with the present day type of existence…and forests should not be encroached upon under any circumstances.

It would pay us well to remember that after all we depend on nature and its perfect system and this constant meddling and living in the illusion that all will be well and go on forever will make us pay heavily as a species that is sowing the seed of its own destruction and is taking little heed of the warning signs. All the money in the world then will not be able to change things as one cannot pay off nature or stop it or make it reverse its steps. Many environmentalists have been shouting this out loud but politics ,corruption, vested interest  seems to be winning ….and the rest of mankind will pay for this…the innocent, the simple farmers the nurturers and the caretakers who are sadly too few to make an impact.

The need to preserve and maintain the gift given to us has to come from within…but man has finally showing his bestial side and is ready to devour everything and this is a dismal picture and legacy to leave behind…..we will have enjoyed the fruits given so lavishly by the earth and locusts will soon lay it bare and eaten up….perforce now we are looking towards the sky for out next victim….

It’s still not too late…perhaps the punishment will come in time and nature will take back by force what belongs to it which is it’s right…then perhaps we will learn to be more respectful!!!



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