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                                       Between the two shores of
Life and Death,
There is a great abyss, so very deep
That it tends to drown you
Into a deep waking sleep.
Between the two shores of
Life and Death,
Is, a cess pool, that’s very dandy and cool
Filled with activities galore
At a speed where nothing can be restored.
From birth begins the journey of untold sins,
Of disbelief and destruction which is perhaps
Life’s only creation, and we are left with
Only the clatter called Humanity.
Where regression is named development
And corruption a matter of course,
Every aspect of life seems contaminated
With the touch of degraded souls.
Matters not that you are good
Nor whether you want to contribute,
For there is no place for the such
As they will never be understood.
Made-up stories, artificial supreme
All just a projection of the mind
Myriad colors, attractively laid out
In various designs and intricate patterns
Little knowing from whence you have come.
And even less of destination after death,
We strut along like we are Kings although
Of a lesser realm, oh! So unknown.
For how long will this dance continue?
How much more can the soul degrade?
The cleansing is long overdue
Oh Humanity! Take stock and pay your dues.
Cleanse yourself then look at the shores
Make your right choice,
Reach for the banks and don’t look back
To the dream ….. Between Life and Death!
                                                MAMTA  APTE







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