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There is a great affinity for the past. In fact the mind has a definite curiosity about it. There is this continuous need to delve in it and find out the reason for the existence or the non-existence of particular thing or a happening.

While on the one hand it is an avid research going activity in the realm of the roots of our existence, it also is a great teacher of what matters most and what doesn’t , what needs to be discarded and what requires to be stored for future reference. It’s the ongoing story of growth and development and also a great storehouse of knowledge that has been kept for reference in the event of recurrence of events, long thought of as extinct.

In personal matters the past literally is the reiteration or re-living of the many occurrences in the mind which is more or less a psychological aspect. Many times it is termed as nostalgia, and in other instances it could be a mental condition signifying the deterioration of the brain or in other cases just a matter of depression. Thus if a person has AVP or a PTSD like condition then they will return again and again in the past and relive events some of them traumatic thus affecting the psyche of the person.

There are various reasons why even a normal healthy person lives in the past. Firstly it could be kind of escapism. The individual may not want to deal with the present situation and would like to put it off for tomorrow or prefer not to deal with it at all. It’s easy to go to a happy place in the past and stay there as one feels safe and is engulfed in a soft cocoon of safety and here there is no need to deal with anything.

Then there are happenings which leave an impression on the mind, some of them good and the others bad. The good ones don’t trouble much but the bad ones tend to pull one down as the images flow in the head time and again creating a fear psychosis that leaves a definite imprint on the mind and personality of the individual.

Certain experiences are filed away for future reference so as to increase the security and act as a warning system, to skirt around possible repetition of the unwanted experiences.

The past can be a dangerous place with constant re-visitations of traumatic experiences , as the mind is wont to do, can lead to health issues and a erode the mental health  of the individual.

The past should be used as a tool, a weapon if you will, to enable one to guard against negative experiences. The past   experiences are a stepping stone to progress and growth, it is a store house of knowledge, to be visited only when required, it’s a library of happenings, it’s a stepping stone that enables one to make future projections and make informed decisions.

The past is definitely not to be hung on, caught into like a web or to hold on to like a security blanket. Especially if it has experiences that are of a negative kind and add little value to you present life. The past is about learning and moving on. The past should not be allowed to inhibit your future, it should help to elevate one to new levels of thought processes and implementations. It has to be used as a tool to move ahead.

It is therefore necessary to be discriminatory about the past. One has to be rational and practical, discard the inhibitors and shelve the helpful experiences for future reference.  The Past is for learning to discover the future. It’s beneficial only if you know how to use it. Otherwise it is easy to get lost in a maze that will make you sink deeper into a darkness that can destroy your very essence

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