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Let’s step back and take a look at the thousands of years that have gone by…yes I am talking of all the species that lived on this earth including man ….it will include both flora and fauna.  From the single cell to humans, each species has a story to tell. And of those that survived the various shocks and trials and tribulations of this planet and the cosmic events have a story to tell of their evolution and development as a species

Man has gone through a lot over the ages, travelled the path towards civilization from a primitive stage and did much to enhance both his surroundings and gained knowledge and built on it and is proud to proclaim the many achievements…never mind that they are still just like a drop in the ocean and has added very little value to the quality of life in real terms barring a few exceptions.

The  other species have thrived and survived and are true to their nature and perform as they were programmed to do but did evolve in ways that we are still to understand…although man has the avid need to profess that he does so even when he doesn’t.

While there is a difference among the species in the way that we are equipped  as far as skills  and the type of brain  , man was given the added benefit of a thinking brain that would help it to change  and create and evolve in ways that would be different from other species…thus we see the tremendous changes that have taken place in terms of living patterns and the creation of societies and the various goods and services and creating a business, social, political, religious , economic and psychological environment to cater to his every need and make life more comfortable and easy to live.

Then why is it that he/she still cannot overcome the need to behave like an animal?……..Is it really difficult to change ones attitude for the better…clearly when one does so there are the benefits easily visible and common sense should prevail…..

For all the sophistication and the improvement in technology and the superficial veneer on behavior and all the courses and training it’s still continues to be a façade, a put on act at best and when the situation deteriorates the façade is quick to fade and the real character is revealed…more so when desires are strong or when anger is evoked or the individual is depressed.

To what end then this posing if we cannot overcome are bestial nature and transform into a really sophisticated version of our present selves and enhance our very mind sets.

Here in lies the problem…it’s the mind that is so engrossed in the outward world that there is little room left for introspection, and the materialistic desires are so strong that there is little that a person without will can himself do to retain good sense. Of course add to this the total lack of awareness for a more balanced and sensible outlook and there you have it…the human in his or her true colors revealed, with little to do other than call it an animal who seeks revenge, indulges in the need to hit back, be snide and avaricious and ridden by all the vices. The need to protect and preserve however wrong rides supreme above all else and the true character of the egotistical human comes forth in all its so called glory, uglier than any animal and out of control. At least the animal kingdom is programmed to do so and does not have thinking ability or the need to change and behaves exactly in the manner it is built for. It thus doesn’t destroy or create….man is given this choice but has consistently chosen the former

Examples are seen in everyday life…road rages, the egotistical driven angers, the avaricious driven by greed and want, the simple need to disturb and take sadistic pleasure, the enjoyment of the might over the right, the need to bully and grab and take without permission and display a sense of pride in the same are being seen on an increasing scale., and above all whine and complain and justify his or her acts despite being in the wrong!

This is not restricted to just the adults…children behave aggressively too…are rude, uncaring and the feeling of guilt is fast disappearing and is becoming legitimate in the eyes of the adults and even applauded by some thus embedding it as correct behavior in the child’s psyche. This has translated to the media as well and certain types of subject matter and the way it’s presented bodes ill both to the young minds and the adults and the general environment that should support enhancement for the humans. The children’s cartoons are a good example in their aggressiveness and the guns and the like that bent the child’s mind and becomes dull to the right and wrong aspect of life.

There are hardly any values left and the anchor of a religious God that kept most people on track is fast being replaced by the God called money. Mankind is pursuing it relentlessly and has now reached a stage where selfishness and riding over rough shod, posing, spreading lies, and projecting and creation of facades and illusions has become the order of the day and is now acceptable behavior…each for himself has become the maxim of life…take what you can and any which way to achieve it barring physical abuse is acceptable.

No wonder the younger generation is confused…the schools preach and the adults breach…they are at a loss to understand the nuances of this double faceted life and the hilarious part is that all are aware that everyone is doing it and yet carry on like its normal…..and carry on their normal lives without realizing the pollution its causing in the very young,

Thus every new generation is growing up with new ways of scheming and taking the general public for a ride….so everyone is doing this to everyone….know it , realize it and just live with it. A sad commentary on mankind indeed. We make the illusions and live in those illusions…insist that they are real and even defend them when attacked and try to prove with every method available that this is indeed what is real!

Even if mankind did take a wrong turn surely things can be turned around, there has to be a concerted and immediate action to bring things to normal, more realistic and earthy. There is a need to declare a state of emergency,,, step back and take a look at what we are doing and where we are going before all that is rich in the various cultures is lost into oblivion and we are left with a degeneration that permits the complete disintegration of what we call society and all that the earth is left with, is a race to complete extinction of the human race brought about by our very change in nature and attitude and character.

There is a general lack of will, there is a peculiar tiredness and the bandwagon effect has taken hold, there is a lethargy towards change…all are wallowing in what is called a ‘pigs contentment’ and only the attraction of the God called Money makes them move, this is the only propelling factor that will carve a pathway to our doom

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