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Market and Manipulation

As the humans evolve so do the markets. It’s amazing really how economics and psychology are so closely related. Earlier it was the demand and supply that ruled the prices…life was pretty simple and the complexities of the mind rarely entered. It was all about product and quality and the customer was given a choice to make the decision for him or herself. However this was not to last long. Innocence rarely does….its all about control and the avid need to make the other bend to our wishes that has driven mankind to the present day market scenario where the forces of demand and supply are no longer setting the price…. its all about projections, packaging and a range of illusions .

So what is this scenario… it beneficial for us…or have we just accepted it as just one more addition in our life. Just take it in your stride and get on with it policy. Surely we need to ask ourselves whether we buy what we want and see and need, or are we being manipulated into buying or may be convinced into buying a product despite ourselves. The vivid presentations, alluring pictures, the scintillating projections and the intense pandering to man’s weaknesses viz. his desires has led to whole branches of specializations in the field of commerce.
Open any kind of media and there you have it….one is literally blasted with the wide variety and the details are huge. The more the price the more will the options be available. There is a catering to every kind of mental makeup….. from the need based to the status conscious….from the simple to the flashy….from the strong to the delicate…for the man and the woman and child and your pet……and so the list goes on.

The end result of all this is that we buy not on the basis of what we decide we need but on what we are told we need. We are being bombarded steadily at all hours from different locations whether at home, at work or on the move, and all the time we are being told what we need. The result is that we finally start believing what we see and hear and thus lose control of ourselves and do what we are told or convinced of… it an indirect and very readily accepted brainwashing…..supported consciously and voluntarily without a moment’s thought.

Thus a need is being created , the mind is being manipulated to the extreme and the flow is so fast that we do not have time to think or not given the time to think as there are constant up-gradations and everyone wants to be on this bandwagon called ‘ being up-to-date with the latest’. Hence the credit cards, impulse buying, lack of quality consciousness and bargaining…..all resulting in spending one can ill afford …..Yet it continues…your mind has been stealthily taken over and you are not even aware of it!!

It’s time to pause…take a step back….check out the self-destructive path we are on…find out the extent of these external controls and understand the nature of these controls and ask how beneficial these are for our personal lives…..its time to take a breath and take control of one’s own life …take a deeper look at the various constituents that make up the market and give thought to whether it is really you that is making the decision or whether the market is deciding for you!!

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