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The younger generation is a confused lot, and it’s no wonder. It’s first the family and then the educational institutions that are supposed to lead the way in value and character development. The environment and the various stimulations that include the varied individuals of all ages and the teachings of traditional books and religious scriptures go a long way in enhancing the individual in terms of personality and behavior.

The operative word here is ‘supposed to’. The various bombardments from the various types of media are not helping either. That is not to that the media have nothing of value to render. It’s just that it’s just not effective enough to transfer value based information. I suppose that they have their in terms of economics. Money plays a great role in sustenance and thus compromises have to be made in quality and political interference and lack of qualitative material …. Many times the latter is just pandering the senses…..rules the day. This has led to further shallow knowledge, shorter attention spans and a lack of focus and a temporary attitude towards life with shortsightedness in the extreme.

This has also resulted in the unheeding of guidance given from well-meaning adults. Peer pressure is taking its toll and the attractive western pattern has become a guiding star and considered the in-thing so to speak, with little thought to its suitability and its ill effects. While the western pattern of living is good for them it is not very well suited to the Asian culture where tradition is rooted in science. Though little understood or even studied it is this culture, if imbibed in a scientific way will go a long way in enhancing the quality of life and result in quantity as well. The other side of the hedge although greener is not necessarily entirely suitable and has led to results that are opposite to those expected.

There is a constant tussle between the modern and the traditional…further the technological advancement has made things more difficult. Actually the truth of the matter is that both can be accepted and merged in a rightful way that would suit one’s purpose and requirements without making too many compromises. What is required is a proper understanding the ingredients in both the traditional and modern and one has to balance out these variables as best suited to your own life. This would mean that the combination would be different for different people.

While this is all very well it behooves one to remember that certain things are the absolute truths that have stood the test of time and these cannot and must not be changed as this would imbalance everything and lead to an even greater mess. These truths are the very foundation of living on this planet and these principles are very well balanced.

Actually the whole world is in flux…there is a change going on and all the cultures are in the process of change. It has started with the language…English is becoming a world language, the dress sense has become mixed, the greetings are becoming universal, as also the accounting and business patterns….. and will soon make inroad into the individual cultures. While the process promises to be painful it’s natural. Commerce will take over every aspect and religion will soon take a back seat….actually the very concept of God may change and as more and more proof of our origins are gathered and technological changes force a new way of thinking. .

This is already evident in the various wars that are being fought around the world and the self-defeating actions that are taking place where ultimately everyone will loose. These wars are more for thwarting change or for gaining control or for freedom. Change cannot be stopped, there is nothing to control but our very lives and freedom will just be another word as we get caught and enmeshed in anew web of our own making. There is a merge going on in bits and pieces. Attitudes are changing, as are the processes and the patterns of thinking and implementation and are fast gaining popularity universally.

This means that over a period of time there will be uniformity in most aspects of life all over the world. Already the cities and the cars and the educational patterns and the business systems and the communication process are looking the same …the products are beginning to look same all over the world as is their packaging. The fashion is spreading all over and all that is ethnic is fast losing ground to this sameness….the designs of sky scrapers the housing patterns are all being copied as well as the malls and the city layouts.

Yes a generation has been caught in the middle and hence this tremendous confusion where the one wants to hang on to the old values and yet bend under pressure to accept the modern for fear of being left out. The old has not been experienced and the new is too fast to assimilate. Hence the bizarre reactions and the dissensions. Its a fog right now and each is trying to fathom a path out towards a fitting position. Hence there is this constant mismatch.

Soon this will come to a standstill, there will be a lot of purging and upheaval and then an entirely new world more global and peaceful will get set on an entirely new foundation  comprising a new set of values and applications more suited for the coming generations. Until then the mess will get messier unless we learn to be more rational as an individual and in groups…..a difficult prospect indeed for now!




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